Grant Meadows – Owner and Principal Broker, Key Accounts, Carolinas and Coastal Accounts


Grant founded Root Down Naturals in 2010 to provide premium natural products brands in the supplement, body care and lifestyle categories with best-in-class sales and marketing representation in the Southeast Region. Grant’s start in the industry came at a natural retailer in his home state of North Carolina in 2003, and soon shifted to outside sales, marketing and education. He has pioneered and grown many industry leading natural brands – nationally, in the Midwest, and now in the Southeast. Grant is passionate about nutritional healing, botanical medicine, and natural retail. He also loves music, cooking, sports, spending time with his family, and the great outdoors across the beautiful Southeast.

Nina Hewitt – Sales Director, Key Accounts, Western FL Accounts


Nina has been a lifelong customer of the natural products industry, growing up in a household that shopped at independent health food stores and Bread & Circus. She started in the natural product industry in 2005 as a marketing manager at Whole Foods Market in New England. She spent 3 years after her time at Whole Foods as a real estate agent before returning to the industry she loves as a supplements broker in FL. She brings her passion for natural lifestyle, her experience in retail, marketing and brand representation, and her dedication to education into her role with Root Down Naturals.

Talon Dean Pic

Talon Dean – Senior Account Manager: GA and Upstate SC


Talon started in the industry as a buyer for Whole Foods Market in Greenville, SC in 2006 and worked his way to Whole Body Department team leader. Talon’s experience includes nutritional consulting, management, and marketing. Talon is passionate about learning and educating, and he enjoys hiking the mountains of the Western Carolinas.


Kaitlyne Hill – Senior Account Manager: Western NC, Eastern TNĀ 


Kaitlyne spent the first 17 years of her professional career in Leadership & Business Management traveling all over the U.S. and abroad. She began her path as a Holistic Health Care Practitioner in 2004, completing training in Massage Therapy, Energy Healing, and Clinical & Professional Herbalism. In 2000, Kaitlyne got her start in the Natural Products Industry, and before joining Root Down Naturals, Kaitlyne spent 5 years as a Vitamin and Bodycare buyer, and 6 years as an educator in the natural health care field. Kaitlyne strives to help people partner in their own health care armed with knowledge and products that make a difference!

Liz Carr – Territory Manager: AL, MS and FL Panhandle


Liz began her professional career in the Natural Industry at Sprouts Farmer’s Market in Birmingham, AL. For many years before this, she studied herbs, natural remedies and natural healing. Liz has made substantial, healthy and transformative lifestyle changes and dedicates herself to sharing natural life saving tools. Liz plans to further her Natural Product and Herbal education in hopes to share knowledge, healing, awareness and a renewed passion for life. When she can, Liz loves to spend time with her family, significant other and rottie pup, explore the natural world, practice yoga and play music.

James Robison – Territory Manager: Eastern FL


James was born and raised in Florida, the son of successful independent health food store owners who started their businesses in 1978. Growing up in a household well versed in natural foods, body care, and supplements, James carried that same passion and worked in the family stores for years. He began college studying environmental law, then business management, finance and ultimately obtained his degree in economics before striking out on his own to found Grassroots Natural Market in 2006. He enjoys traveling, live music, craft beer, great food, and finding humor in all situations. James brings a strong business background with his lifelong passion for natural foods and supplements to the Root Down Naturals team.

Genevieve Olive – Territory Manager: Eastern NC


Genevieve began her path in the industry doing demos in her native New England, and started working with Root Down Naturals in 2011 after a move to North Carolina. In 2014 she took on the roles of demo coordinator, administrative assistant, and brand representative in Eastern NC. Genevieve is passionate about learning, educating, and helping people find quality natural products that can truly make a difference in their lives. She is also a Reiki Practitioner and student of Herbal Medicine.

Jeff Head – Office Manager and Sales and Marketing Coordinator


Jeff started in the Natural Products Industry over a decade ago with Whole Foods Market. He explored many different roles with the company over his tenure, ultimately moving into a Whole Body team leadership position where he excelled and gained keen understanding of the wants and needs of the industry as it continues to evolve. His experience includes: consulting & educating, marketing, merchandising, and financial operations knowledge in the Natural Products and Supplements Industry. He has a passion for science-based and efficacious natural products that provide people an alternative to the status-quo. Jeff can be found in the great outdoors and with his dogs in his downtime.

Tori Leng – Territory Manager: GA & TN


Tori started in the natural product industry in 2015. She jumped into a clean lifestyle by working at a natural grocer and smoothie/juice bar. She took her newfound passion for health and wellness, and began working under an herbalist with 20 years of experience, finding fulfillment in helping other people with challenges she had overcome. She then went on to natural product support and representation. Tori enjoys spending time in nature, traveling and practicing yoga.