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John Masters Organics video – organic hair care and skin care, “it’s a no-brainer!”

Check out this video from John Masters Organics. Here we have John himself giving us the background on the company and a nice primer on what it means to offer organic body care products. It’s about having clean, effective formulas that use nature’s healing and nourishment, and it’s also about what’s NOT in the products […]

Osteoarthritis Study published on EuroPharma’s BCM-95 Curcumin and Bos-Pur Boswellia

In late 2011, a study was presented to the Osteoarthritis Research Symposium Internationale (OARSI), comparing BCM-95 and Bos-Pur (used exclusively in EuroPharma’s award-winning formulas for pain and inflammation) to Celecoxib (the generic form of Celebrex). Guess who performed better!? EuroPharma OARSI Press Release

Acure Skin Care

It’s been awhile since we posted anything, so let’s get back to it with something really awesome. This video features Amy Halman, the VP of Product Development for Acure, telling us all about the innovative, organic skin care products from this amazing, mission driven company. These are true nutritional supplements for the skin!

Terry Talks Nutrition

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Eclectic Institute on YouTube!

Check out Eclectic’s fun and educational videos and learn about the freeze-drying process, the health benefits of different herbs, the company’s amazing new whole food POWders, and more!